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We could not have wished for more for our (3rd) baby's birth. The doula experience, Viv style, was just what we needed. You were everything your profession and you yourself, promised to be- yet so much more. It was wonderful, both in the run up to the big day and the night itself, to know you were with us. We felt very safe throughout. Anna (Chelsea & Westminster)

Vivienne, I shall always think of you as the guardian of our baby's birth and what an amazing experience it was, thank you so so much. Sara-Jayne (Portland)

Vivienne proved to be a crucial part of the success and happiness in the birth of our daughter; she provided the support and comfort missing in our previous experience. Sian & Paul (Chelsea & Westminster)

When looking for someone with the experience and knowledge to reassure and advise us, we never thought that we would find someone who was such a wonderful kindhearted person. Charlotte & Andrew (Portland)

We are so pleased we found you. Having you to "hold our hands" made the birth of our daughter much less frightening, you were always so calm and caring, certainly more like a friend than a professional. Julie & Matthew (Kings College)

Vivienne was fantastically supportive and encouraging, helping me through my contractions and making the experience a positive one as we were never nervous or frightened. Gina (St. Georges)


From the time I met Viv it was reassuring that a friendly voice was there for me at the end of the phone. During labour and birth Viv was a vital part of our team. Her calm and relaxed personality together with her experience made me feel much more confident, in control and happy with the whole experience. Having Viv "on our side" helped me achieve the birth that I wanted. If it wasn't for her I probably wouldn't have had the confidence to go ahead with the water birth I had planned. I wish I had found her for my previous labours. Corinna (Kingston)

We feel so lucky that we found you in our search for help. You were instrumental in making our 2nd daughter's birth such a wonderful experience. Christine (St. Thomas)

The birth of our son could not have been more different than our previous experience, and I believe that this was largely due to Viv. I laboured using tens then gas and air with no need for other pain relief. As a result my recovery from this birth has been very quick and it was great to be able to go home the same day our baby was born. Kirstie

Viv , Having had a very poor previous experience ,this birth has been a bit of a (positive) revelation, thank you so much for being there and helping me throughout,I never had to ask for anything, you were always one step ahead. Edina (Kingston)

I first met Viv when I was overdue and heading for an induction. Given this was all a new experience it was difficult for us to know exactly what support we needed, but Viv was able to get to know us quickly and judged our needs very well. She was fantastic during labour, she gave all the support we could have hoped for and it really helped me feel calm throughout our marathon labour. We felt she helped us understand and feel comfortable about what was going on, and she gave us just the right amount of advice and suggestions to help us make the right decisions along the way ... plus the water through straw, cold flannels and face spray- all perfectly timed! Clare & Sven (St. Georges )

Thank you again, so much, for being such a solid and caring support throughout, for being up with us all night, for taking some of the sense of responsibility off Ben's head, for helping me breath and wiping my tears, for your straws cold flannels and horrid glucose sweets, for all your encouragement and praise and for sharing with us one of the happiest moments in our life. Anna & Ben (Chelsea & Westminster)