I want to thank my son Charlie and Robert Demarest, the head of computer sciences at Community School for this web site. It was conceived when Charlie was required to develop a website as part of his school IT curriculum and I very quickly came round to the idea that this was something I not only approved of, but was very happy to embrace. As the project developed, Mr Demarest was instrumental in taking it to a new level with more sophisticated technology and ideas and now to a website I am delighted to share with you.

I am grateful to Charlie for thinking of me in my doula role when he had to come up with a website subject, and for all his work getting this project off the ground and to Robert Demarest for his enduring patience, expertise and commitment to www.wimbledondoula.com

I would also like to thank Natalie Mosquera , an illustrator and graphic artist, for my LOGO design. I love her interpretation of a doula comforting/supporting/caring for a pregnant woman and her partner in a heart outline.